Meet the Fun-sized Traveller!

Hey there! I’m Ker. Welcome to the Fun-sized Traveller blog site! Fun-sized because I’m a short guy, from the Philippines. 🙂

Why blog?

For a few reasons I could think of which would always circle back to a personal level. To put simply, I am blogging for myself. I am fascinated by the creative and technical side of putting up a website, learning how to properly manage it and sharing good stuff through it. It’s an unfinished business with myself. I was once an IT student but went out of school on my second year in college to work since I could not afford the school fees. Those 2 years being an IT student had opened up to many possibilities that I have not explored till now. I was fond of static web designing and programming back in the day. In fact, I was  hailed as the Student Programmer of the Year at the age of 18 back in 2006, the youngest in our university. Nothing big, but it was overwhelming for someone who did not own a personal computer at home, did not know much about programming language and was only relying on his logic. That part of me is what I would want to revive through this blog.

Also, I find that travel pictures and narratives hold a lasting memory. That strong sensation, that great deal of nostalgia working like a time portal that takes you back to places as you look at or read them — I want that kind of feel. And so, in an attempt to get a vivid picture of my life in the next 30 years, I launched this blog site last December 10, 2017 on my 30th birthday. Trailing quarter life, it is! 🙂

Why travel blog?

I live to travel. Every time I travel, I think of it as a short immersion to one aspect of reality. There is nothing more liberating than becoming more aware of the world as you go to places, meet people and live through different cultures; and finding yourself stumbling to compose upon the presence of unexpected situation as you wear off that stolen comfort from home.

Traveling for the past years has done so much to me as a person and so by sharing my experience perhaps I could make you feel what I have felt, or better yet, I could make you:

  • Find a new fondness for traveling
  • Learn tips and ideas for your next travel adventure
  • Discover new places that are outside of your travel radar
  • Escape the rut of a sedentary life (yeah!)
  • Enjoy new attractions even at the comfort of your home
  • Or in a bigger scale, get a new perspective about the world and take a new understanding on what we are as humanity. (wink)

What are your plans for this blog?

Because I am still a rookie in the blogging community, I plan to focus first on improving the content of this site before opening myself up for a possible feature, collaboration or sponsorship. I work towards making this site a one-stop shop for travellers and tourists by sharing a comprehensive information and an honest review of the places I’ve been to.

An honest review of places – this is my guiding principle as I pursue this blog. Don’t get me wrong. I try to get the best angle as I take photo shots of the place. However, travel blogging should not be all about accentuating the good stuff, but finding a balance between an honest representation of the place and sharing an actual experience to help out other travelers get a speck of authenticity as they plan to travel.

My travel review follows a 1-5 rating scale. A quintessential destination gets a five (5). It is guided by the following questions, which I believe are essentials in a travel experience:

Is the destination cost-friendly?
Is it safe?
Is it accessible?
Does it give a quality and unique travel experience?
Can it handle a multitude of visitors?

I want to be engaging with my visitors as much as possible. So in case you have a suggestion or anything for my site, drop me a line at I’d be delighted to hearing from you.

I also share my travel updates in these social media handles:

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