BATANES TRAVEL GUIDE (with DIY itinerary, budget, top attractions, things to do, where to stay and how to get there)

It goes without saying that BATANES is the most beautiful destination in the Philippines… and much of how glamorous you hear about its landscape is definitely watered down compared to how it is when you see it in person. It is inexplicably fascinating that it can drive your feet ratty wild as it rambles every high and low of its rolling terrain, and can set off your fingers around the bend as it grabs memories with your camera in the best possible perspective.

To put simply, Batanes is real tourism goodness. Yet, its charm does not stop there.

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2019 BORACAY BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE (with DIY itinerary, top activities, and new guidelines)

This blog details a comprehensive budget travel guide for Boracay which includes a sample DIY itinerary good for 3 days; estimated budget is P4,545+ per person which covers expenses for tour, food and transportation only. It also enumerates the new guidelines imposed in Boracay, top things to do in 2019 and a list of DOT-accredited hotels. Further, this Boracay blog is intended for first time travelers and backpackers either solo, family or traveling in group.

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SAN VICENTE BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE (with Port Barton DIY itinerary, top attractions, tips and how to get there)

This sample San Vicente DIY itinerary generally targets two top-rated attractions: Long beach and Port Barton Marine Park, with one day allocation for each as they are more than an hour away from each other and going on an island hopping in marine park would take up a full day.

The sample travel itinerary assumes a party of two and would set back an estimated budget of P3,225+ per person which includes expenses for food, transportation, and tour fees. Click the blog to read further.

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BALABAC BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE (with DIY itinerary, top attractions, tips and how to get there)

You need to spend at least 3 days to fully enjoy what Balabac can offer. In coming up with your itinerary, you need to know how close the islands are from each other, what the weather would most likely be, and what time in a day would you plan to visit each island as the tides really matter. You get to the sandbars on a low tide, and you need to leave certain islands like Onuk on a high tide when the boat no longer touches the reef as you depart.

Read further by clicking the blog. Enjoy Balabac!

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On my 4-day visit, my eyes were wide open with astonishment at the pristine beauty that its blinding white sandbars and impressively azure waters bring. Balabac was inexplicably majestic and a quintessential canvass of a natural wonder. It has the best beach islands that I have visited in the Philippines in a long shot.

I can go on, string together words to express my wonderment about this quite elusive gem at the tail-end of Palawan, but it helps that I also share some photos in the order based on how they showed out during my close to week-long trip.

Check the blog to know the top 10 island attractions in Balabac.

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