Top 5 Beaches in Siquijor

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The island of Siquijor has remained to be an off-the-beaten path due to its location despite its growing popularity these recent years which has helped keep the pristine state of its white sand beaches. Hence, when one goes out of the island, it’s a natural thing to talk about not only the mystical feeling that the island gives at night time, but as well as the bewitching sense that its beaches bring about especially during sunset.

Sunset at Coral Cay beach resort, Solangon.

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Here are 5 best beaches to see for yourself in your escapade to Siquijor. Some are free of admission and are still underdeveloped. (Note: Most of the top beaches in Siquijor are found in San Juan area.)


  • Description:¬† The place is public and free of entrance fee. A lineup of fishing boats at rest by the shore with minimal seaweeds and pieces of junk are a usual scene. It is notable for being a perfect vantage point for sunset viewing and having a serene atmosphere especially during the morning and weekdays when it is less frequented by locals. Visit the beach if you are looking for a natural beauty of an unspoiled, white, powdery-to-peeble sand matched with a shallow, azure, clear waters.
  • Location: San Juan, Siquijor
  • How to Get Here:¬†¬†Look for the small church at barangay Paliton and head to the road towards the sea. The beach is about 1.5 kilometers from the main road.
  • Rating: 3/5


  • Description:¬† Most of the place is now part of Coco Grove resort, one of the fascinating resorts of the island which gives away a perfect entertainment at sundown to its guests. The beach is well-groomed and best-kept of its pristine, white, coralline sands that makes for an excellent location for sunset viewing. To access the beach, make a reservation with Coco Grove at their¬†website or at +63 917 314 1415, +63 939 915 5120.¬† You can also visit them for a day use. Entrance fee is P200.
  • Location: San Juan, Siquijor
  • How to Get Here:¬†¬†The resort is by the road. Ride a public tricycle or motorbike from Siquijor port to San Juan. The beach is approximately 15 kilometers from the port and a block away from Tori’s Backpackers.
  • Rating: 3/5


  • Description:¬† The beach is another long strip of white sand that knits together Glamping Siquijor and Coral Cay resorts. You can freely walk around the beach without having to pay any amount of entrance fee. Stay until sundown and catch a fiery glow of the sunset that only the island of Siquijor can offer.
  • Location: San Juan, Siquijor
  • How to Get Here:¬†¬†The resort is also by the road, few kilometers ahead of Paliton. Ride a public tricycle or motorbike from Siquijor port to San Juan. The beach is approximately 10 kilometers from the port.
  • Rating: 3/5

(Note: The first three beaches are just next to each other. You can take a public tricycle to hop from one beach to another. Fare is P8.)


  • Description: For most of its area, the beach does not have the powdery quality of sand like the first three beaches, but it is equally blinding and reassuring enough to be part of the list. The beach is popular among tourists for its cliff diving adventure. Choose either the 20-feet or the other 35-feet high cliff to jump on. Come by early in the morning to avoid the crowd. The place is small and can only accommodate a manageable number of tourists. Entrance fee is P75.
  • Location:¬† Maria, Siquijor
  • How to Get Here: At the main road of Maria there is a sign that points to Salagdoong beach where you will take a detour from the national highway. You will enter a man-made Molave forest where you will be met by a guard at its entrance.
  • Rating: 3/5


  • Description:¬†Pebbles and sand fill its shoreline in a comfortably ivory glow – such is the beauty of Kagusuan. It’s another unspoiled beach in Siquijor that is beyond the ripping hands of commercialization. While here, expect nothing but a pure relaxation of a tropical paradise. Note: As of this writing, the beach is closed for non-locals for security reasons.)
  • Location: Maria, Siquijor
  • How to get there: The beach is far from the main road. The challenge is that there is no signage that will guide solo travelers to Kagusuan. The best way is to head out to Lazi town proper and hire a tricycle driver to get there.
  • Rating:¬†3/5


Lastly, have fun and don’t forget to be awesome. ūüėČ


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