Note: As a precautionary measure in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, it is best to check with the authorities the updated travel requirements and possible restrictions that might affect your travel plan. Contact the Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs office of Pangasinan at +63 999 883 9740, or Alaminos City tourism office at +63 998 597 5153, +63 917 828 6592, +63 910 328 7833, +63 906 245 1449, or Bolinao Tourism office at +63 912 113 8008 to know the latest update. You may also visit their website at for the latest visitor’s guide.

Remember to always follow the health and safety protocols imposed from your travel origin to your destination. I wish you a safe trip ahead!

Traveling to Pangasinan for the first time? This detailed DIY travel guide is exactly what you need. Scroll down and take note of the outlined information from sample itinerary and budget, best places to visit, top things to do, recommended tours and transports, budget-friendly accommodations, and other travel tips. Have a fun and enjoyable trip ahead!



Where the salt is made,  PANGASINAN. Salt or “asin” in vernacular where its name was based from, Pangasinan is a major salt producing province at the western area of Luzon, 3 hours away from Manila. It is the third biggest province in the Philippines and is famous for the natural bounties that its waterfront brings. It is rich in salt beds, abundant with fish making it a top supplier in the whole of Luzon and endowed with refined seascape attractions that have engrossed tourists to visit year after year.

Much of these attractions are concentrated at its top 2 tourist destinations: the Hundred Islands of Alaminos City and the town of Bolinao.

Pangasinan Hundred Islands
A panoramic view of the islands seen from the top of Pilgrimage Island.

Hundred Islands is a protected national park composed of 123 uninhabited islets each harboring with unique properties – from white sandy beaches, brimming underwater life scenes, and beautiful rock formations. The islets vary in size – some are too small to land on, others are big enough to enable exploration.

Balingasay River of Bolinao, Pangasinan.
Balingasay River of Bolinao, Pangasinan.

On the other hand, Bolinao, a first class municipality of roughly 70,000 people is widely known among tourists for its land attractions – from underdeveloped caves, glorious waterfalls, historical sites and tropical beaches. It is easygoing and laid back, definitely some years away from a bustling city setting. The main mode of transport in getting to its land attractions is tricycle, a three-wheeled vehicle that is common in provinces in the Philippines.

In a quick look, these two major tourist spots may seem similar to most of the attractions in the Philippines. But try to immerse deeply into its territory and be surprised for the unique experience it can offer.


The best area to stay in Hundred Islands is near Lucap wharf where the island hopping activity would kick off while in Bolina is somewhere near the beach area.

Here are the best rated and most popular accommodations in Hundred Islands (Alaminos) near Lucap wharf:

Rating: 8.0 | Price: P1,336 for a room good for 3 adults and 2 kids
Click the photo for details.
Rating: 8.5 | Price: P1,549 for a room good for 3 adults
Click the photo for details.
Rating: 9.2 | Price: P1,964 for a room good for 3 adults
Click the photo for details.

Other recommended accommodations in Hundred Islands near Lucap Wharf. (click the link for details)

Here are recommended accommodations in Bolinao near Patar Beach:

Rating: 7.8 | Price: P4,664 for a room good for 2 adults and 2 kids
Click the photo for details.

Other recommended accommodations in Bolinao near Patar Beach. (click the link for details)


There are no direct flights serving Pangasinan. To get to the place, you would have to fly to the nearby airport in Clark, Pampanga or in Manila, then go on a land trip.

Via Manila

  • To Hundred Islands – Take a bus at Cubao terminal in Manila to Alaminos City, the gateway to Hundred Islands. Travel time is close to 5 hours, bus fare is around P400. At Alaminos, ride a tricycle to barangay Lucap where you can find the tourism office which arranges all tours around Hundred Islands. Travel time is 20 minutes, fare is P15 per person, P100 if chartered. The tricycle can hold up 4 persons.
  • To Bolinao – There is a direct bus route from Manila to Bolinao, at the bus terminals in Cubao and Pasay, which makes commute easy. Bus trips are available from 6:00AM to 11:00PM in an hourly basis for all buses except for Five Star bus which trip starts as early as 12:00AM in Pasay terminal. Travel time is about 6 hours, bus fare ranges from P370 to P460.

Via Clark, Pampanga

From Clark International airport, take the shuttle service to Dau terminal. Fare is P100, travel time is around 20 minutes. At the terminal, ride a bus to Bolinao or to Alaminos City if you are bound for Hundred Islands. Travel time is close to 4 hours, fare is around P350. From Alaminos, ride a tricycle to Lucap where the tourism office is situated. Travel time is around 20 minutes, fare is P15 per person, P100 if chartered.


Here are few top tourist spots that you can cover in a day tour or with an itinerary for 2 to 3 days while in Pangasinan, specifically at Hundred Islands and Bolinao.

Hundred Islands and Bolinao (5 of 9)
Quezon Island, which hosts most of the recreational activities in Hundred Islands.


The Hundred Islands is a protected area composed of 123 islets, (124 during a low tide) at Lingayen Gulf stretching for about 17 square kilometers. The most popular and visited among the 123 islets are the following:


Quezon Island of Hundred Islands

Considerably the recreational center in Hundred Islands as it provides the right amenities for different fun activities like kayaking, rappelling, wall climbing, banana boat riding, helmet diving, and snorkeling. The island has an over-the-water zip-line which connects to the nearby foot bridge. It also has restaurants, cottages and picnic tables; aside from the campground for campers who prefer to stay in the island overnight.

Rating: 3/5


Governor's Island of Hundred Islands

Most known for its viewing deck which offers a 360-degree view of the Hundred Islands. Getting to the viewing deck would require going up a hundred drawn-out steps which can be challenging but definitely worth a try. The island is also the location of  the already concluded Pinoy Big Brother reality TV show. The Big Brother house has been turned into a lodge that can be rented for P10,000 per night good for 10 persons. Apart from it, the island also possesses a white sandbar at the docking area and a rich marine life suitable for scuba diving.

Rating: 3.5/5


Marcos Island of Hundred Islands

One of the best places in Hundred Islands for beach bumming as it owns a wide stretch of white, coarse to powdery sand beach. At the elevated area in the island, a few-minute ascent from the beach is the Imelda cave with a big hole at its top that makes for a perfect jump-off point 20-feet to its natural pool at the bottom.

Rating: 3.5/5


Pilgrimage Island of Hundred Islands

The latest attraction in Hundred Islands is a 56-feet statue of Christ, the Savior standing comfortably at the top of Pilgrimage Island. To get to the statue, travelers would have to climb up the 263-step concrete stairs. Aside from the Christ statue, the island also features life-sized figures of the Holy Family and the Last Supper.

Rating: 4/5



Patar Beach of Bolinao

Patar Beach is undeniably the single most important attraction that made Bolinao popular to tourists. The public beach is endowed with beautiful rock formations at the one side, and a fine white sandy beach on the other. The waves at the coast swells large enough for surfers to enjoy especially during the month of August.

Rating: 3.5/5


Rock View Resort

A unique private beach resort that holds together a stunning view of scattered rock formations. Stay here during sundown and enjoy a fascinating view of the sun as it sets. Entrance to the beach is P75.

Rating: 3/5


Bolinao Falls 1

Bolinao falls 1 drops a cascade of about 20 feet to a clear, blue green catch basin. It’s high altitude and light water downfall create a good mix for visitors to enjoy. You can jump off from its top and swim around its natural swimming pool with or without a life vest. Entrance fee is P20 while parking fee is P50.

Rating: 3.5/5


Bolinao Falls 2

Bolinao Falls 2 has a 3-tier overflow creating natural pools. The first two pools are small suitable for children and family, while the third one is deep and large perfect for adults and the exhibitionist. Entrance fee is P20, parking fee is P50.

Rating: 3.5/5


Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

The 250-feet, towering, old lighthouse is the second tallest  in the country, next to Cape Bojeador lighthouse in Ilocos Norte. It was built in 1905 and has been considered as a cultural heritage. Get to the top of the lighthouse and find yourself looking at the vast, blue ocean of the West Philippine Sea. Entrance is for free.

Rating: 3/5


Here are top things to do and activities that are worth a try in Hundred Islands and Bolinao, Pangasinan.

Helmet diving in Hundred Islands.
Helmet diving in Hundred Islands.
  • Go around the beautiful Hundred islands on  a boat, kayak, or a jetski.
  • Helmet dive and see the giant clams of Silaki Island closely.
  • Jump off the 20-feet high cliff of Imelda Cave at Marcos Island.
  • Climb up to the peak of Governor’s Island and check out an unobstructed view of the Hundred Islands.
  • Catch the sunrise at the Hundred Islands and the sunset at Patar beach.
  • Munch on some of Pangasinan’s best delicacies.
  • Go chasing waterfalls in Bolinao.


Here is a suggested 3-day Pangasinan DIY itinerary which covers the top attractions in Hundred Islands and Bolinao. The itinerary assumes a party of two and will set back with an estimated budget of P3,865+ per person, excluding expenses for accommodations, souvenir and other incidentals.

The Lucap wharf during sunrise.
The Lucap wharf during sunrise.

Things to consider for this Pangasinan: Bolinao + Hundred Island sample itinerary: 

  • Start the trip with Hundred Islands then to Bolinao. Leave as early as 12:00AM from Manila to arrive in Hundred Island early in the morning to catch the sunrise and avoid the crowd, especially on a weekend.
  • You may camp out or stay in any available accommodation in Hundred Islands or proceed to Bolinao to your chosen accommodation in the afternoon on the first day.
  • The easiest way to go around the top attractions in Bolinao is through a tricycle which costs for about P1,000 to P1,500 for a whole day tour. Tricycle drivers in Bolinao double as tour guide, feel free to approach them.
  • The estimated budget can be reduced by joining or inviting other travelers on your tour around Hundred Islands and in Bolinao.
  • Boat rates and service fees in Hundred Islands are regulated by the tourism office, as it appears below:
Protected giant clams.
Protected giant clams.

Hundred Island Standard Tour Rate

Day Tour (Entrance Fee: P30 per person, Environmental Fee: P40 per person)
Small Boat (with a capacity of 1 to 5 persons) – P1,400
Medium Boat (with a capacity of 6 to 10 persons) – P1,800
Big Boat (with a capacity of 11 to 15 persons) – P2,000

Overnight (Entrance Fee: P30 per person / Environmental Fee: P80 per person)
Small Boat (with a capacity of 1 to 5 persons) – P3,000
Medium Boat (with a capacity of 6 to 10 persons) – P3,800
Big Boat (with a capacity of 11 to 15 persons) – P4,500

Hundred Island Standard Activity or Service Fee

Helmet Diving: P400 for 15 minutes
Banana Boat Ride: P250 per person, maximum of 7 persons per boat
Kayaking : P250 per hour, maximum of 2 persons
Snorkeling Gear Rental: P250 per set: mask, snorkel, aqua shoes and life vest
JetSki: P1,000 for 15 mins
Parasailing: P2,000 for solo ride, P3,000 for 2 persons
Zipline (546 m): P250 per jump in Governor’s Island, P100 per jump in Quezon Island
Wall Climbing: P50
Rappelling: P50

The Hundred Islands.
The lush islets seen from Pilgrimage island.


Depart to Alaminos City12:00AMP400
Trike to Lucap Wharf5:00AMP15
Avail tour at Tourism Office6:00AMP700
Hundred Island tour7:00AM
Back to Wharf for Lunch12:00PMP200
To Bolinao via van at Alaminos terminal1:00PMP50
Visit Bolinao Church2:00PM
To Rock View Beach Resort via tricycle2:30PMP100
Check in3:00PM
Beach bum4:00PM
Lights Out!8:00PM
The Last Supper on the way to the peak of Pilgrimage Island.
The Last Supper –  on the way to the peak of Pilgrimage Island.


Tricycle Tour8:00AMP750
Bolinao Falls 1P20
Bolinao Falls 2P20
Enchanted CaveP50
Lunch at Balingasay River12:00PMP200
Bolinao Light House2:00PM
Patar Beach3:00PM
Sunset at Patar Beach6:00PM
Back to Rock View Resort7:00PM
Lights Out!9:00PM
Binungey (at the top) and other Filipino foods.
Binungey (at the top) and other Filipino foods.


Enjoy Rock View Resort9:00AM
Check Out11:00AM
To Bolinao Town12:00PMP100
Depart from Bolinao2:00PMP460
The boats touring around Hundred Islands.
The boats touring around Hundred Islands.


Here are few facts and tips to consider when traveling to Pangasinan.

Specific for Hundred Islands

  • To get the most of Hundred Islands, visit during the dry season of March through May, on a weekday, preferably early in the morning. Weekend on a summer is a major drawback in visiting the islands as it gets crowded and disorderly.
  • The tours around Hundred Islands are regulated by the local government. Upon arrival, go straight ahead to the tourism office near Lucap wharf to be guided on the available tours and services and standard fees. Tour starts as early as 6:00AM.
  • Camping is allowed in Quezon and Children’s island, two of the 4 major islets. Camping fee is P200 per night. Bring your tent or rent one for P400. When you decide to camp, make sure to leave Lucap wharf (where all boats depart) not later than 6:00PM. Shower and toilet areas are available in both islets 24 hours.
  • There are no fancy restaurants around Hundred Islands. Bring your own food and pack enough water.
  • Mobile signal is available in most of the islets.
  • ATM is available at the tourism office.

Specific for Bolinao

  • The attractions in Bolinao are available all year round. However, it is highly discouraged to visit Bolinao falls and Patar beach during Holy Week when it is jam-packed with locals.
  • Mobile or internet connectivity is weak in most of the areas in Bolinao, except at Poblacion.
  • Stack up some cash while traveling around Bolinao. There is only one ATM in the area at Poblacion, near the bus terminal.


English is widely understood in Pangasinan. But in case you want to speak the local tongue, here are phrases that proved to be useful.

English to Binu-Bolinao
Thank You – Salamat
Good Morning – Maabig a buklas
Good Afternoon – Maabig a awro
Good Evening – Maabig a yabi
How Much? – Sinano?
Where is… – Adti…

A far look of the Pilgrimage island.
A far look of the Pilgrimage island.


What I like?

The islands were surprisingly impressive but what I like most is the Pilgrimage Island. Climbing to the top to get a full view of the nearby lush islets was a moment I so want to live on. My friends and I stayed atop for most of the afternoon.

What I don’t like?

The falls in Bolinao were not much of a spectacle to me. Perhaps that’s because it’s no longer unusual a sight as I am from Cebu where waterfalls abound. However, I still enjoyed taking a long exposure photo of both falls so it somehow compensated for the experience.


Leaning on our boat at Punta Sibaring 1. This photo was taken during a high tide.

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